Betting on Paddypower

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Paddypower is a bookmaker of Irish origin, founded in the late 80’s. Besides the usual sports betting, they also provide online games such as online casino or online bingo. In recent years, they also offer betting on the odds of certain personalities and phenomena, besides the usual sports betting and online casino services.

One new feature I’ve heard of from Paddypower is the opportunity to bet on trending shows and events. One such example was during the season premieres of Game of Thrones, which has become such a popular show, trending and talked about worldwide. Whenever the season begins for Game of Thrones, my social media is littered with spoiler posts from friends and colleagues providing details on which characters were about to die, which of them will stay alive, and so on.

Paddypower had taken advantage of all this Game of Thrones mania offering bets on which character is more likely to die in every coming season. Another example is the Red Wedding finale. After it was announced as the ninth episode of the third season, Paddypower opened up a betting topic on their site on whether the Red Wedding’s adaptation on the small screen would faithfully follow that of the books or not.

It was quite an ingenious move the folks over at Paddypower. Taking advantage of Game of Thrones’ popularity in turn improved the popularity of the Paddypower site. Their demographic had expanded from the casual sports betters to include a bunch of millennials hungry to participate in the latest trends online.

paddy power casinoDespite being somewhat ahead of the current batch of millennials in terms of age, I had begun to catch on the trend as well. I decided on setting aside some money from what I make online so that I could bet on something when the coming season premiere for Game of Thrones arrives. And maybe I should also keep my eyes peeled in case Paddypower decides to jump on the bandwagon of the latest trends regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe they’d eventually come up with a bet on how likely certain characters who died on Avengers: Infinity War were likely to be resurrected in the upcoming Avengers 4 sequel. Or how likely the actors of Iron Man and Captain America—Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans, respectively—were to go back on their statements and extend their contracts to star in more MCU movies.

The possibilities are endless. I checked my bank balance in anticipation of the next interesting betting topic to come up in the coming months at the Paddypower website.



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